on seeing ourselves…

Ever live life on spiritual railroad tracks…times when stuff zips by your face and you just keep going on the same path — never stopping to re-evaluate? During those times, we need to see God clearly again_ however, we don’t need to only see God.

At times, our greatest need is actually to see ourselves.  We need to see how good we are — the beauty within our own hearts — the purity of motive that drives our actions — the pursuit of our lives.

Look within your heart; I will too. What do you see?

Oh I see just how good I am — that in my flesh dwells no good thing — that my natural bent is toward lawlessness and lust — that my heart holds on to and nurtures thoughts of evil — that my life’s motives are self-ward — that my pursuit is often earthly — it is then that I see more clearly how amazing God is and who He is for me.

We can occupy ourselves for an entire day | reading the Scripture while looking for God’s attributes, talking about who we believe God to be, trying to see Him clearly. But if we don’t have a clear — painfully accurate — view of ourselves, then we will never consider God all that amazing. If, in our pride, we still consider ourselves the god of our world – if we still consider ourselves to have perfect, God-like qualities, then we will never stand in biblical awe of God_

try to see yourself clearly_

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