P.S. Velvet Elvis (movement 3)


Rob writes,

It is possible for music to be labeled Christian and be terrible music.

When I first read that phrase, I agreed — that is, until I read what came next.

He continues,

It could lack creativity and inspiration. The lyrics could be recycled cliches. That “Christian” band could actually be giving Jesus a bad name because they aren’t a great band.

Is it possible that the Christian band in question may be lacking one key element — i.e. regenerated band members? Is it possible that their message is not just trite or cliche, but that it actually lacks any significant spiritual meaning? What gives Jesus a bad name is “Christian” bands who will do any gig for a buck — they will even play in nightclubs and bars, where drunkeness and immorality abound.

Rob writes,

I was playing in a punk band a few years ago, and we were playing clubs and bars and festivals and parties. People would regularly ask us if we were a Christian band when they found out that I was a pastor…I realize now why I chafed against the question.

Could it possibly be that Rob was uncomfortable with the question because he was embarrassed or ashamed by what he was doing? By providing the music for clubs and bars, Rob was making the whole night possible — drunkeness, fornication, etc — activities that are all indicative of the old man, much less characteristic of one who must be blameless as God’s steward.

Rob continues,

Music is already worship. Music is praise. Music is sacred. Music is good. Creation doesn’t need a label to make it sacred or acceptable or blessed. When God made the world, God called it “good.” Now obviously anything can be corrupted and desecrated and used for purposes other than those which God intends, but making music is sacred enough.

How else can music be corrupted but by taking “a good thing that God created” and placing it into a setting where things contrary to God are exalted? Satan was a chief musician — I am not so naive to think that he is not using his skill in music as his most powerful ally.

A friend of mine put it well: “Rob’s writing is very attractive to Christians who are very fleshly minded and to quasi-moral unbelievers.”

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