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Scot McKnight, interview…part 1

Last week, my fiance and I blew into Chicago for some fun at Shedd Aquarium. They have an amazingly beautiful facility and some nice fish too, which is a plus when you’re talking aquariums. The purpose of the trip, however, was a priviledged interview on emerging/emergent soteriology with Dr. Scot McKnight of the Northpark University.

Dr. McKnight is the author of the Jesus Creed Blog, widely read by all those connected to and involved in emerging intercourse — as well as by those of us fundamentalists, who lurk in the darkness behind all the comments. Scot has also written a new book entitled A Community Called Atonement.

As Emiley and I entered his office, I had no doubts we were in the right place. In emerging style, his office sported a well-used coffee maker in the corner, rosary beads on the wall, as well as an almost life-sized poster of the Beatles. Read the rest of this entry »



glory…part 1 of many

One of the most abused verses in all of Scripture is 1 Corinthians 10:31.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Through careless application we have unknowingly cheapened the meaning of this verse. I’m afraid that what the Holy Spirit intended to be the point of our lives has become nothing more than a dull montra that Christians repeat when someone pays them a compliment. Further, what should be the dominating passion and raging desire of regenerate souls has been reduced to a disclaimer that someone may give before bragging of their personal accomplishments.

If the whole point of life is glorifying God, and it is, then we need to get serious about grasping this point. How do we truly glorify God?

This week I observed as some kids were asked what reconciliation means. One responded, “to reconcile?” Don’t you love it when people define a concept by using a word that is a part of the given concept? Brilliant. If I were to ask the kids in junior church on Sunday How do we glorify God, I would probably get this answer, “by bringing him glory.” We answer questions in such a fashion because we don’t know what the terminology actually means.

Our lack of knowledge in this area is a big problem!

In order to be able to glorify God, we must know what the verb glorify means and in order to understand the verb, we must understand the noun glory. It is probably one of the most widely, but yet diverse words in English Bible translations. When we read glory in our Bibles, it is usually the translation of either doxa in Greek or kevod in Hebrew, as these occur most frequently. However, FYI, there are times when the English Bible translations read, “glory” while the underlying text doesn’t reveal either one of the two.

If we want to understand the purpose of our lives — “doing all to the glory of God” — and thereafter live in accordance to it, then we must understand what glory means.

This is the first of an open-ended series on the topic. I’m not going to attempt to systematically exegete every verse which uses the word glory. However, I want to hit “climax verses” and “paradigms” along the way.

I hope you will join me.