Story of the Bible Using Light and Darkness

I’ve had the privilege to help teach a class on practical evangelism this semester. I challenged the class and myself to branch out and use all of the salvation pictures of the Bible as we share our faith. So here goes…

God, the creator, called light into existence and then separated it from the darkness. He made the sun, moon, and the stars to give light both day and night. All throughout the Bible, darkness is used to portray wickedness and blindness to spiritual truth. In fact, this darkness is powerful, enslaving men and women to walk under its brutal reign. Sadly, these slaves are not able to break free from its power; rather, they love this darkness and by walking in it, they are doing what they want to do.

On a seemingly normal evening some 2,000 years ago, a special star gave light to mark the place where the Light of the World would enter space and time. Born of a virgin, his name is Jesus. He spoke about deliverance from darkness, its lord, and its power; he said, “Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” The people, who walked in darkness, saw this great light, but they shared condemnation with the darkness and its lord because they still loved the darkness, themselves having evil deeds. What’s worse is that their lord, the god of this world, poisons their minds and blinds their eyes so that they cannot see the light of Jesus. These servants of darkness took the perfect Lord of glory, the Light of the World, the One in whom is no darkness, and they crucified Him. Hanging on that tree, He died. However, darkness and its power could not defeat the Lord of glory for he rose from the dead in triumph and continues to shine his light in the darkness.  

There was a day when the same God, who said, “let there be light” in the midst of darkness, looked into my dark heart and shined his glorious light. I believed in Jesus, that his death and resurrection could deliver me from darkness. So I asked him to do just that, to deliver me from the reign of darkness and to place me into his kingdom, where his light shines freely. He did! I now walk in the light and enjoy its life. One day I will see even more of God’s light. That heavenly city will not need stars, sun, or moon; Jesus himself will shine and his glory will be the only light I’ll ever need.


  1. #1 by fireball3316 on February 6, 2009 - 1:00 pm

    wow – that is really good! well written and really “touching” – aka it gets all the way in!

  2. #2 by Cally on March 14, 2010 - 6:55 pm

    Wow, this is so well written, I am doing a folio assignment in my photography class and looking at a possible narrative of Jesus using the idea of light and darkness as a symbolic reference to him. I was wondering if I could use this as a quote in my assignment- in the form of a photo book (it is a tertiary course, so you will of course be acknowledged), i hope this is ok.

    please feel free to email me with your thoughts on this.

    thanks – Cal

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