Christ and Empire: A Different Perspective from Fuller Seminary

Kevin DeYoung, a pastor and one of the authors of Why We’re Not Emergent, highlights a book (on his new blog) entitled Christ and Caesar: The Gospel and the Roman Empire in the Writings of Paul and Luke.

Ironically, the author is a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary (where Rob Bell earned his M-Div), but takes a different view than Rob Bell and N.T. Wright on this important issue. DeYoung cites Seyoon Kim, 

Thus, there is no anti-imperial intent to be ascertained in the Pauline Epistles. All attempts to interpret them as containing such an intent, as shown above, are imposing an anti-imperial reading on the epistles based merely on superficial parallelism of terms between Paul’s gospel preaching and the Roman imperial ideology, while the texts themselves clearly use those terms to express other concerns. 


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