Youth Worker Parody

This video is a bit hyperbolic, perhaps. It was so funny that I laughed. A lot too. However, it really drives home the point that so many youth groups across American are absolute jokes. You will laugh at first like I did, but you may end up crying…


I thank God I had a youth pastor who taught me the Bible. Thank you Pastor Dave for not trying to be cool, but for being faithful.

  1. #1 by micah on March 11, 2009 - 9:06 pm

    wow, that is sad

    I echo your words on a faithful youth pastor (thankful he was also my dad)

    That reminded me of a couple recent posts…

    Chris Tomlin’s Worship Songs: We Have Got to Do Better

    Vitamin Z’s response

    I think I found “Ignatius”
    Google: Louie Giglio – Laminin

  2. #2 by clearly on March 16, 2009 - 11:21 am

    Stackhouse’s post on Tomlin was very poignant. I liked this line the best:

    “Well, enough’s enough. We are the most educated Christians in history, and yet our lyrics are considerably stupider than our much less educated Christian forebears–the people who sang lyrics by Fanny Crosby or Charles Wesley or Isaac Watts.”

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