NYC Mission Trip, My Reflections on Day 1

I’ve now spend one whole day in the city and am still a bit stunned and overwhelmed. I’m experiencing culture shock within my own nation, a phenomenon I have not experienced since my last mission trip, one to Southeastern Asia. We spent the first day trying to gain our bearings on the subway system and getting some sightseeing out of our system.

 Fun Highlights 

  • Saw some good friends (Jeremy and Anna Horneck). Jeremy and Anna serve at a church in Yonkers where Jeremy is a youth pastor. They are moving back to WI next year so Jeremy can pursue an M-Div, while they help us plant Lakewood Baptist
  • We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. 
  • 3 Taxi’s almost killed me. 
  • Good food. Lunch in chinatown, everything bagel, good coffee, honey roasted peanuts at Central Park, etc. 

Ministry Plans

  • Tomorrow, our group will be at two different local churches: Tompkin Square Gospel Fellowship and Heritage Baptist Church. 
  • In the afternoon, we will begin our open air evangelism. Some will sing at Times Square, while others try to engage people with the gospel. 

What God’s Doing in My Heart

  • Challenging me concerning the need of the people. I was pondering Paul’s response to the idolatry at Athens; his heart was stirred within him. 
  • Helping me conquer some fears I still encounter every time I share the gospel in an intense atmosphere. 
  • Reminding me that the gospel makes me relevant and Jesus makes me a competent minister of it. 
  • Forcing me to trust Him both for open doors and the boldness to walk through them. 
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