Our Church-building God

LogotwitterBeing involved in a church-plant is a unique opportunity to see God work. Jesus told us in Matthew 16 that He would build His church. I believe He does that in this age by building local expressions of His church, i.e. local churches. So, being a part of building a local church means that I am a construction worker in a larger project of which Jesus Christ is the chief-contractor, or master-builder, if you will.

As my wife and I, along with our core group of believers, laborer away at the seemingly daunting task of church-planting, it is so comforting to know that as we swing the hammer, lay the sod, frame the walls, and install the plumbing, that the Lord is the ultimate builder and guides each move with intimate knowledge and providential planning. 

Over the course of the last few months, the Lord has done some amazing things to assure us that He is indeed the master-builder and that He is ordering our steps. Here’s a taste of what I mean: 

  • The Lord has lead four families to form our core team. They are great folks and we already dearly love them! 
  • The Lord is working on 2-3 other potential core families. 
  • Evangelistic doors continue to swing wide open as the Spirit goes before us. 
  • One of my best friends and his wife are moving from New York City to help us with music and children’s ministry. 
  • We were able to reserve, for an affordable price, the school in which we will be meeting for Sunday worship beginning in September. 
  • Our Wednesday night location is allowing usage at 1/3 the normal price. 
  • Emiley and I got a lake-view apartment at a very affordable price. The believing land-lord wanted us in it!
  • We have a mother-church as well as a couple other churches already planning on supporting us. 
  • So many people have expressed their prayers. 
  • A close friend is supporting us monthly. 
  • Emiley has a good job. 
  • People and churches keep donating many things that we will need
  • We are having so much fun! 

That list was just off the top of my head; I’m sure there are many more things I could mention. God has done so many things to show us that He is in this and completely in control.

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