From the Front-lines: Nazi-pagan

My new-found friend Liam identifies himself as a National Socialist. In other words, he’s a Nazi, perhaps a more moderated version in his thinking than what you would see portrayed in a Hitler’s Germany movie. He doesn’t believe that the weak should be exterminated per se, but he would be fine with allowing the poor and weak to die off, so that their sort are not perpetuated in society. “Hate” would be a strong word for how he feels about the Jewish people, but he certainly has a strong inward bent against them and can only interact with them skeptically. Postmodernism does strange things to people; here’s what it does to today’s Nazi’s. After telling me that the pope should be publicly beheaded and that the weak should be left to die, he said, “But that’s just my way, I wouldn’t force it upon others!” 

Ironically, his French mother gave him a Hebrew name, Daniel, meaning “judgment of God” (how sovereign is God?). He now goes by Liam, short for William, a seemingly stronger Norman name, reflecting his worship of Odin, a pagan god.

All that to say, Liam is my nazi-pagan friend. Where did we meet? In the today’s agora, the community coffee shop. 

After talking with Liam about his nazi beliefs and about his Christian upbringing, I said the following (which seemed to frustrate him): 

Liam, you will not come to Jesus Christ for salvation because you see him as a weak, Jewish man who only perpetuated the blight upon society by rescuing the weak, caring for the poor, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, etc. Let me tell you that the Jesus who came the 1st time as a seemingly weak sacrificial lamb, who from your perspective got himself killed at the hands of the Roman empire, this Jesus will come again as a warrior, par-excellence, one who will ride a white horse, consuming his foes, those who do not believe in him and obey his gospel. The blood from that battle will flow as high as the horse’s bridal. 

Even with all this blunt talk, Liam and I have a good friendship. He knows that I believe that Odin is a figment of imagination and has no power in this universe; he knows that I believe Jesus is the only way to God and that those outside of Jesus will face an eternity in hell. How do I know that he knows? I told him. Then he sat through a Wednesday Bible study and then a Sunday sermon in which I said exactly those things. And he keeps coming back for more discussion.  

Christians, it’s time to start apologizing without apology. It’s time to stop cowering in fear regarding what we believe. Defend the faith. Stand strong in believing that Jesus is King over kings and Lord over lords.

**This is posted with Liam’s permission.


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