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First Baptisms and Chartering Service

Our Sunday believers’ meetings have been growing since September 13 when we launched. January 31st, we chartered our church and became the Lakewood Baptist Church of Delafield, WI, an autonomous local church.

BTW, If you live in Waukesha County and are looking for a church that focuses on expository preaching, conservative God-centered musical worship, as well as passionate evangelism, then join us on Sunday mornings, 10:15 AM at Cushing Elementary School in Delafield.

Since the Lord told his disciples to make disciples of all nations, to baptize them, and to teach them all things, we were thrilled to baptize 7 believers in obedience to that Great Commission command. What a joy to see believers willing to publicly identify with Jesus Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection, and to do so in a hotel swimming pool! Many laughed when they saw me transformed from my blazer and tie to my t-shirt and flower-print swimming shorts! This was my first baptism ever, and it was a significant and thrilling moment in my young life and ministry.

We were thrilled to see 144 people pack into gymnasium at the elementary school, which we rent each week for our worship services.  We almost had to pull back the gym’s dividing curtain in order to accommodate all of our own people as well as those who came to celebrate with us what God has accomplished in keeping with the promise of Jesus to build His Church in such a way that the gates of the hell would not prevail against Her.

On this special day we chartered (45 members), adopted a constitution, called a pastor, elected deacons, adopted a budget, approved financial officers, and placed $10,000 in a building fund, praying that God would provide us our own place in a timely manner. We will continue praying that God would grow us deeper in our relationships with Christ, and that He would continue to expand our ability to advance the gospel in our community!

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Oceans are not for swimming…

I often remind my wife that 90% of all shark attacks happen in 6 feet of water or less. Naturally, she tries to explain to me the logic behind this shocking statistic, namely that most humans, when inhabiting the ocean, are in the 6 feet of water or less. Naturally, her “logical” response is mere rhetoric intended to lure me into the salted pool of death that many associate with “fun,” “relaxation,” and “vacation.”

I am pro-life. If I want to be consistent then I will be pro-my-life and pro-her-life as well (furthermore, no man ever yet hateth his own flesh). So, when given the opportunity to swim in the ocean, I naturally and with great intelligence choose life. Therefore, since I choose life, I will not be lured into a situation where my limbs and organs are dangled as fish-bait in front of a slew of almost-half-ton, stealthy, razor-blade-teeth-equipped monsters of the sea. I’ll bring my towel and a good book, thank you very much, and curl up on the warm, sandy beach, perhaps allowing the waves to roll up and hit my feet (although there’s a hint of danger there as well), while I sip one of those lemonades with the little umbrella in it.

Here’s my top five reasons to avoid swimming in the ocean:

5. It takes two or three showers to finally get clean from all that sand and salt.

4. These live in the ocean. And they happen to think that we taste good. We are their Oreo’s. Get the picture?

3. Have you ever seen Jaws? Neither have I. But that movie looks pretty scary.

2. This happened this week. My dog playfully nibbles on me from time to time, even licking my face. I live to see another day. When sharks playfully nibble, you go to the hospital. When they lick your face, you die.

1. I’m sure this picture is 100% authentic, and not a product of any photo editing. This should convince you, like it did me, to stay out of the ocean.