Helpful Reading Tools

My wife and I were out at dinner the other night when I saw a mechanic on his evening break, reading a book while using one of these, a Page Boy Adjustable Bookholder (although don’t follow that link for actual purchase; they run for only $5.99 at Barnes & Noble). Since that time, I’ve purchased a Page Boy as well as a Fellowes Wire Study Stand (which go for about $7.99). These excellent tools hold books open and upright on the surface of your desk, allowing you to type, jot notes, etc. while simultaneously keeping your place in the book.

Page Boy:

  • Pro’s: Great for bigger books, moderate ease of page turning, cheaper of the two.
  • Con’s: Works terribly for paper backs, metallic bottom does not slide smoothly on the surface of a desk.

Study Stand:

  • Pro’s: Works for bigger books as well as paper backs, rubber tips allow ease of sliding on a desk, slightly more durable build.
  • Con’s: Eliminates usage of some larger textbooks, slightly more expensive.
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