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Not Under Law But Under Grace

As I was preparing for a Bible study addressing the meaning of “…for we are not under law but under grace,” I stumbled across my class notes from Exegesis of Romans from back in graduate school. While illustrating the limitations (and even irritation) of the Law, Dr. David Saxon shares the following quote from James Brookes (a 19th century presbyterian pastor and notable dispensationalist):

If you tell a slave to pick 150 pounds of cotton during the day, or at its close you will lay 150 lashes on his back, it will be a hard yoke, and he will be sure not to do any more than the allotted task. But if you pay a great sum for his freedom, and suffer in his behalf nigh unto death, and adopt him as a son into your family, and succeed in implanting within him something of your own generous love, and then tell him that your interests and your honor are involved in securing a large crop of cotton, you have put upon him an easy yoke, and he will strain every muscle, and your kindness will be his song in all the hours of toil.


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