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NT Wright on Hell

Dan Phillips has an excellent post this morning on NT Wright and his view of hell and eternal judgment.

For several years now, many in the Emerging Church have been looking to Bishop Wright to draw up some trickery for their Emerging-play-book.

Some of Wrights comments about hell sound eerily similar to some of Rob Bell’s. See here and here. Is Coach Wright calling the plays in from the sidelines?


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Rob or Paul? Twitter and the Gospel

If Paul could tweet the gospel, I’m positive it would look something like this: 

…Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures…

Rob Bell’s tweet, on the other hand, would look like this (so he says in this Christianity Today article): 

I would say that history is headed somewhere. The thousands of little ways in which you are tempted to believe that hope might actually be a legitimate response to the insanity of the world actually can be trusted. And the Christian story is that a tomb is empty, and a movement has actually begun that has been present in a sense all along in creation. And all those times when your cynicism was at odds with an impulse within you that said that this little thing might be about something bigger—those tiny little slivers may in fact be connected to something really, really big.

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“Jesus” by Marcus Borg: A Book Review (Chapters 2-3)

Today we will be looking at chapters 2-3 of Marcus Borg’s book Jesus.

Honestly, I am really beginning to grow tired of reviewing this book. Rob Bell cites him so unashamedly that I figured that his ideas would be covertly dangerous, not explicitly so. Was I ever wrong…

When Borg uses the word “mainstream,” we would do well to substitute the words “theologically liberal.”   Read the rest of this entry »


“Jesus” by Marcus Borg: A Book Review (Chapter 1)

Today, we will look at chapter 1 (“Jesus Today”) of Marcus Borg’s book, Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary.

Borg begins by explaining that our culture is “Christ-haunted” and “Christ-forgetting.” He, then, points to the observation that Christians are divided over the origin of the universe, over the Iraq war, over gay marriage, and over economic/social policy.

He then moves to the different ways that the “story of Jesus” is told in the United States. However, before getting to the different ways of viewing Jesus in our culture, he first takes some shots at  Sola Scriptura and inerrancy.

He writes,

Christians find the decisive revelation of God and life with God in Jesus, just as the Jews find the decisive revelation of God in the Torah and Muslims find the decisive revelation of God in the Qur’an.

Take note that the correlation made above is intended to be parallel. Just as the Muslims find God’s revelation in the Qur’an, so Christians find the revelation of God in Jesus.

Anticipating my frustration, he continues,

Of course, Christians also speak of the Bible as the revelation of God, indeed the ‘Word of God.’ Yet orthodox Christian theology from ancient times has affirmed that the decisive revelation of God is Jesus. The Bible is ‘the Word’ become words; Jesus is ‘the Word’ become flesh, God’s revelation in a human life. Thus Jesus is more decisive than the Bible.

Honestly, I think he’s both begging the question as well as presenting a false-dichotomy between the revelation of Jesus and the Bible (cf. John 1:14; Luke 1:2; 2 Peter 1:16; 1 John 1).

He continues and actually begins to self-destruct,

Importantly, Jesus is not the revelation of ‘all’ of God, but of what can be seen of God in a human life. Some of God’s traditional attributes or qualities cannot be seen in a human life…a human being cannot be all-powerful and still be human. So also omniscience: what could it mean to say that a human is ‘omniscient’ and that Jesus in particular was? That he would ‘know everything’ – including, for example, the theory of relativity or the capital of Oregon.

So Borg holds that Jesus is the decisive revelation of God (even “more decisive than the Bible”), but yet he admits that a human body cannot display omnipotence or omniscience, characteristics he knows to be true concerning God. Where did he get this conception of God if not from the Jesus? Beyond that, where did he find out that Jesus is a person?  I’ll spell it for you: B-I-B-L-E. It’s the Scriptures that reveal these things so plainly about God; one cannot know the Father or Jesus in any significant way apart from the Bible. Read the rest of this entry »


Rob Bell at the Seeds of Compassion Event

Thanks to Chris at A Little Leaven for making these videos available for viewing. Ken Silva also has the transcripts available on his page via Rick Freuh. Thanks guys for both your perspectives and for doing some leg-work here. Read the rest of this entry »


Rob Bell and Marcus Borg…

Ken Sliva wrote this excellent piece this week.

In his book Velvet Elvis, Rob cites Borg at least twice in a positive fashion…if you are a Christian, this should trouble you!


This Just In: Child Abuser on the Run

Breaking news out of Newberry Springs, CA:

As of 4 PM, police are still seeking yet another father suspected of child abuse; the unidentified suspect is currently fleeing from authorities. He was last seen on I-15 heading toward Barstow in a white Ford Bronco. The son, however, has yet to be formally identified, but early reports indicate that this morning, some men on retreat found the son alone, starving in the desert. Investigators say that the 33 year old hadn’t eaten anything for 40 days.

Stay with newscasters here at SeeingClearly for more information on this story.

**This post is a satirical parody only**